School of Life: How to simplify your life

Soul-nourishing stuff from The School of Life, as always.  

What resonates most for me on my Digital Declutter / Dopamine Detox journey:

  • Modern life as one where we are “Continuously and exhaustingly overstimulated” > links discussion with Neal Taylor on the inevitability of burnout, the fact it’s baked into the system
  • “Whoever does not have 2/3 of his day for himself, is a slave, whatever he may be” > how much free time do we have? Do we count scrolling and digitally mediated-time as free?
  • 3min15: reflections on Digital media consumption > news and unlimited input at our fingertips 
  • “Insomnia and anxiety are the mind’s revenge for all the thoughts we refuse to have consciously in the day” > links nicely to our discussions on anxiety in the eBook and the notion of needing to acknowledge these uncomfortable feelings, embrace periods of solitude and resist distraction
  • How might we stay sane and kind in this era? “Simplicity is true wisdom”