The Truth about Social Media

Great talk from Jaron Lanier. The first part mainly goes over negative effects of Tech and Social Media which covers a lot of what’s discussed here and in the eBook.  

From around 52 mins looking at the upside / how to design tech in more humane ways. 

“How might you make a network of small things that maintains the good qualities of smallness while still scaling to the world”

Example of somebody who is both committed to positive change within system and also critical of existing structures and systems – an ethicist within tech world (rare!)

  • Civilisational project > through process of elimination is the last idea standing (the small scalable communities) THEREFORE antifragile
  • Small enough immediate community for people to actually talk to one another and not get lost in sea of bots and unknowability
  • People respond to world in social way – we focus attention based on where crowd indicates. If lots of bots, or pointing only to negatives then will have prevailing effect
  • Feed should look like a set of covers on newstand – receiving information within context
  • Buiding technology based on our congition rather than to exploit our limbic system and biase