About us

Matt Gwyther is a Cognitive Neuroscience researcher at Anglia Ruskin University and part-time manager at Cambridge University Press & Assessment. He explores ideas around consciousness, the self, psychedelics, meditation, dreaming, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, technology, work, society, addiction and mental health. He lives in Cambridge, UK.

Neal Taylor is a certified agile coach, qualified teacher and works as a technology strategy consultant. He writes regularly about his interests in technology, languages, antifragility and travel. He also hosts a community about antifragility. After living in five different countries, he resides in Cambridge, UK.

Creative Ripplty

Together Matt Gwyther, Jeremy Vey and Neal Taylor are working together as a collective with the aim of supporting and challenging people to make a more beautiful and creative world.

The work into Dopamine Detox contributes to this aim by escaping the addictive habits and negative time pressures of current technology, so that we are freer to follow our meaningful pursuits and pull ourselves closer to our goal.

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