Intention: Forming a New Baseline

Intention: Forming a New Baseline. A photo of an alpine mountain scene with a red flag in the foreground

Forming a new baseline

If we want to create a new baseline, how do we get there?

The intention is not to be a technophobe, nor a luddite, nor a complete eccentric like Mick Jagger, who still only communicates by fax machine.

The intention is really to reconfigure life to allow it again to be so engaging and rich, such that the technology-induced instant gratification and constant ambient dopamine intoxication just fizzle out into the background, like overheated servers that have been pissed on. So that we can use technology as and when we need it to further us in our goals.

Being realistic

A number of Lembke’s reminders marry up nicely with those from Digital Minimalism and are ones we will keep in mind when we embark on a Digital Detox: 

  • We should be mindful of potency, quantity and variety of social media interactions. 
  • We should act with intention and plan use. (Use tools in a way that brings us value, avoid being used or getting lost in use.) 
  • We can’t turn back time. Digital technology is here to stay and serves us well in many respects. 
  • We should instead ask how do we make the tools work for us? 
  • We should be conscious of divesting attention and pleasure from real world interactions. 
  • Look to create spaces and times for genuine interactions.
  • Establish physical and metacognitive barriers around tech use. 
  • Try to orientate around worldly questions such as, ‘What could I do today to be of service?’

We have included these reminders in our dopamine detox principles, which will be used to guide us through the dopamine detox period. Please also see the experiments for inspiration on techniques, hacks and support mechanisms.