Now you!

Now you. Antique watercolour painting of men climbing a mountain

What do you see ahead?

As we conclude this piece, it’s worth remembering and acknowledging that reducing dopamine isn’t going to solve all our problems; nor will it bring us instant happiness. It’s about reducing the dopaminergic draws, so that we can see things more clearly and have a clearer idea of what we need to address in life towards our pursuits and goals.

And what’s that future state you want to achieve?

Describe a scene of you pursuing your dreams, or imagine a time when you really felt alive.

… I remember a time when I was sitting in a café, in the shade of tree, and I was learning a new language. As I studied the new words and their meaning, I was completely engrossed.

… I remember a time when I was with friends and family in Italy, there was a long table on the patio outside the house overlooking the mountains, it was late afternoon, and the table was full of fresh salads and delights. We sat down together and chatted into the night.

… I remember a time when I went for a run with friends. It was a night time run over some hills by the ocean. The stars were shining. A friend had laid out a trail with fire lanterns to guide us through the night.


What’s stopping you from starting this right now, starting today? If there is anything, solve that first.

Humans are highly adaptable and always changing. Remember: If you were driving from the UK to the continent, you’d have to change from driving on the left to driving on the right. You wouldn’t be able to say, oh I’m not ready to change yet. So, yes, you can change. you’re doing it all the time! We’re extremely adaptable.

Some options

  • Set yourself a date to start.
  • (Optional) Arrange with a friend and set up some regular calls in the calendar.
  • Create your own principles (use our principles as a starting point).
  • Think of some experiments and what you want to achieve with them.
  • Write down some positive things you want to do more of during this time and afterwards (and do them).

Send us an email and tell us how you are getting on and what you learned!

We’d love to hear from you.


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