Research interests

I am interested in questions surrounding the nature of who we are, how we think and how we perceive the world.

As part of Dr Jane Aspell’s Self & Body lab at Anglia Ruskin University my current research focus is on the bodily basis of self, including how neurophysiological conditions can impact the experience and representation of self during waking and dreaming. As part of this, I am interested in the theoretical and practical applications of using Virtual Reality to better understand and treat conditions associated with changes to the experience of self.

In previous research, I have worked on projects comparing alterations to self-consciousness during meditation, the Ganzfeld experiment and flotation-REST from phenomenological and predictive processing perspectives.

Living in a Dream

Body and self experience during waking and dream states in depersonalisation

Floating away

Alterations to self-consciousness during mindfulness meditation and Flotation-REST

Conferences & Events

(April 2023) Living in a dream, Cambridge Festival event

(July 2022) Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC 25), Amsterdam – poster presentation ‘Living in a dream’

(April 2022) Phenomenological Methods in Neuroscience & Consciousness Research, Zurich – poster presentation ‘Living in a dream’

(April 2022) Cambridge Festival interactive exhibit ‘Generating the foundations of Self

Photos from research